13 benefits of drinking water



It’s important we drink enough water daily and if your urine isn’t clear, it’s a sign you aren’t drinking enough water.

Here are 13 benefits of drinking water

1. If you are looking to lose weight, increasing your water intake will help according to various studies.

2. Drinking water helps the digestion of food and prevents constipation.

3. Studies have shown that mild dehydration can negatively impact our mood. Drinking water has been found to improve our mood.

4. Drinking water helps flush out toxins from our body through sweat and urine.

5. Drinking water helps ease the effect of a hangover. Alcohol causes dehydration which can lead to a hangover and drinking water while taking alcohol will help reduce dehydration.

6. Drinking water is good for the brain as it helps us think more clearly. The brain struggles to function properly when we are dehydrated.

7. Drinking water helps relieve and prevent headaches. Taking a glass of water when you feel a slight headache can help.

8. Our memory and attention is impaired when dehydrated. Drinking water helps us stay focused and alert.

9. Drinking water keeps us energized. Tiredness is one of the signs of dehydration.

10. Drinking enough water is important to keep our kidney running smoothly.

11. You save money when you drink water as it’s less expensive than buying a soda drink or a bottle of beer.

12. Water is the best anti-aging treatment available. Adequate water consumption helps keep the skin glowing, soft and fresh.

13. Adequate water consumption boosts our immunity. People who drink enough water are less likely to fall sick when compared to people who don’t drink enough water.






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