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30 important tips that would help you build a successful marriage


Many marriages are suffering today due to bad advice from friends and family.Marriage is bound to come with its challenges but following the tips in the article will help you deal with these challenges better.

Below are 30 important tips that will help you build a successful marriage

1. Give your partner the benefit of doubt.

2. Don’t talk to your partner when you are too angry because you might say things you might regret later.

3. Always kiss and hug your spouse. Kiss and hug your spouse before going to work in the morning, when you get back home, before going to bed etc.

4. Take a walk with your partner daily.

5. Avoid blaming your spouse for your problems. Learn to take responsibility for things you do wrong.

6. Go on weekly dates.

7. Be willing to compromise.

8. Never be too busy to spend quality time with your spouse.

9. Avoid focusing on your partner’s flaws. Look for the good in your spouse.

10. Avoid doing things that would affect trust.

11. Be at your partner’s service every day.

12. Forgive your partner quickly and avoid bringing up your partner’s past mistakes.

13. Compliment your spouse often.

14. Never take each other for granted.

15. Listen to what your partner has to say.

16. Always be united in front of your children even if you don’t agree with what your spouse is saying at the time.

17. House chores shouldn’t be left for one partner. Doing house chores together strengthens your relationship with your spouse.

18. Avoid speaking badly about your spouse to others.

19. Treat your spouse with respect and kindness.

20. Never let a day pass by without telling your partner how much you love him or her.

21. Selfishness will kill your marriage. Learn to be selfless.

22. Avoid flirting with others.

23. Hold hands often. It helps present a united front and creates a bond between you and your spouse.

24. Your spouse should be your best friend.

25. Your spouse should be your number one priority.

26. Always say thank you for favours from your partner.

27. Tolerate your partner’s flaws. No marriage will work without tolerance.

28. Try to do things together as a couple as much as you can.

29. Be transparent with your partner. Avoid secrets.

30. Be the type of person your spouse can brag about.


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