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5 powerful truths that can change your life


What you know is what will empower you; you are bound by what you know, and you can hardly go beyond that.

There are some truths some people have come to discover in their life and it’s working for them, and there are truths that others haven’t yet discovered and don’t know the power in it.

These truths below might sound simple, but they are very powerful when honestly applied:

1. No one owes you anything

Wake up every morning with this mindset that no one owes you anything. Some people limit what they can do by thinking the world is unfair to them and people owe them certain things, but this is untrue. Everything you need to succeed is deep within you, all you need do is reach out within and bring out that inner zeal or fire.

2. You can’t please everyone

Stop living to please people, because you limit yourself when you do this. If you are aiming to please everyone and live the way others want you to live, it’ll be impossible for you to achieve anything great. You can’t fulfil everyone’s expectations; so create your own expectations and try to fulfil it.

3. Everything starts with your mind

Every great thing was first conceived in the mind, formed and then believed that it will become great. Your mind is your most powerful tool; it’s what you conceive in it that will be actualised in your life.

Positivity and negativity starts from the mind, and it’s the force that can determine just how far you can go.

4. Action is everything

People want the best things, they want to achieve impossible feats and they want to achieve great things in life, but they are afraid of starting; they are afraid of the part called ACTION. Action is very important if you must realise that great dream. Saint Francis of Assisi said: “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

5. Change starts from within

You’re the change that you want to see, you have the power to change everything around you, but the problem lies when you wait for others to change what you should change.

If you can realise that change starts from within, then you’d go a long way.





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