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7 ways to block negativity in your life


Negativity is the opposite of anything positive; negativity will block peace, happiness, success and any beautiful thing that you should have in life.

If you give negativity the chance, it’ll ruin your life. These tips will help you block negativity from ruining your life.

1. Choose to spend your time productively

If you’d notice, negativity is mostly borne out of idleness. It’s in your idle moments your mind tricks you into thinking negatively. If you can be more productive with your time, you wouldn’t have the time to let negativity settle.

2. Guard your thoughts

You have the power to control what you think about, and it’s important to guard your thoughts because it eventually becomes your actions. Channel your mind to more positive thoughts and negativity will be far from you.

3. Spend time with positive people

The people you also spend time with will have a lot of impact on your thoughts and actions. Spend time with positive people and you’d find yourself being more positive, no matter what.

4. Cut negative relationships

Just as you must spend time with more positive people, you ought to cut off every form of negative relationship. Relationships that are bringing you down, making you think low and channeling your positive energy in the wrong direction aren’t good for you – steer clear from such relationships.

5. Create time for happiness

Create time to be happy and spend time with people who make you happy. Spending time with family, friends and loved ones will boost your happiness, and happiness is a good source of positivity.

6. Choose your attitude

You could be confronted with situations that will make you unhappy, angry, sad, bitter and draw out other forms of negative attitude from you, but if you search deep within, you have the power to control your attitude and never let anything bring out the beast or ugly part of you.

7. Think of solutions and not problems

We’ll be faced with challenges and difficult situations – that is life for you; it wasn’t meant to be a bed of roses, and it’s in overcoming those difficulties that you become a better and stronger man/woman.

When faced with problems and challenges, think of solutions because that’s what will bail you out. Thinking of the problem will only ruin your positivity and it wouldn’t add any tangible thing to your life.

Have you been battling negativity in your life? You actually have the power to win that battle and let positivity guide you.







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