Five ways to survive with little cash this month


The time to kick your wild spendthrift-habits out of the window is now as the extremely heated month of January is already here with us.

January comes with so many things to attend to and nearly all of them need certain amount of cash. From paying schools for the children to buying food, you need to adjust your budget accordingly.

Here are a few things you should do to accommodate everything you want with little cash you have this month

1. Keep track of your credit card spending habits

Credit cards offer may advantages when properly utilized as it saves you the agony of walking around with stacks of cash. However, sometimes we normally get off track and end up spending more than we actually should.

To avoid accumulated debt ensure you keep a record of all the transactions you take part in so as to ensure you do not spend way beyond your means.

2. Be on the lookout for offers

Before you pick that item in the supermarket have a look at the price similar products are selling at.

In doing so, you are able to not only compare prices but also make a choice that could help you save some extra cash.    

 3. Make timely payments    

Paying your bills on time is a great way of budgeting your finances.

To avoid the headaches of paying fines and un-necessary interest rates, purpose to pay your bills on time.

If you can pay off the entire amount do so to avoid installment fines and interest rates.

 4. Avoid overspending

Over-spending means that you are spending beyond your means. We sometimes end up spending way beyond what we can pay for.

5. Have the will power and save

When you have the will to do something, you work towards accomplishing it. It is important to save money when you can.

The money you save could come in really handy in helping pay off expenses rather than accruing fines and debts.










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