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Life hack: Five things you should know to survive life beyond the big 30


Thirty is not really old, I know, but at that age, you’re only twenty years away from fifty, which is considered the golden age of an average human being.

So it’s also expected that some things would already have been understood by you before that time, because with that knowledge you can go on to live a more fulfilling and accomplished life.

Before you turn 30, you should learn the following…

Have a mentor

You probably have a chosen path or career you want to pursue already, but if you don’t, it doesn’t matter, you can still decide now. As you do that, you should look for someone around you whom you think have done well in the same field. Link up with them, and share your passion with them. Allow them teach you, and learn from them. A mentor’s role is to show you the ropes, and offer support that you need to get forward in your chosen path.

Value your time

Apart from the breath you take, time is the only other thing that’s perhaps free in this world, yet it’s so precious, but how well you manage it is everything. The difference between people who are successful in the endeavors and those who aren’t more often than not is in how well they manage their time. You should know that there’s time to be unserious, and time to keep a straight face. Be able to differentiate between leisure and business times, and you should do well. You can’t sit back to watch TV or hangout when you should be working or closing a deal. There’s time for everything, use yours well.

Saving is better than spending

I would have said “saving is as important as spending”, but I fear I might be misunderstood. So yeah, saving is important because nothing stays forever. You’re probably seeing more money than you expected now, but what’s the guarantee it’ll stay that way for longer? So why not save up for the rainy, difficult or not – so- smooth day?

Saving also provides you with money you can use when an investment opportunity knocks. So in as much as you have to spend, you also have to save more.

Start something for yourself

Having a regular 9 to 5 is good and all, but it doesn’t hurt to have something you can call your own. It gives you an additional stream of income, and gives you a sense of accomplishment. You can go into any type of business as long as it’s something you understand, and perhaps have a flair for. The good thing about having a business of your own is that you can do it while doing the regular 9 to 5. It just bores down to point number 2.

Have some fun

I’m not going to quote that popular saying, “all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”, even though I just did.

Well, we want to make more money than we already have so we’ll keep pushing ourselves to the limit, but the truth is everyone needs a break at some point. So give yourself some. Find time to rest, play, unwind, and relax every now and then. You need it if you want to stay alive longer than the big 40.


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