Premier League players earn more in a week than the stadium staff do in 20 years

Pressure group ­give examples of the “grotesque inequality” that exists in the top 20 clubs with Manchester United star Paul Pogba reportedly earning £290,000 a week

Premier League clubs are paying players more in a week than stadium workers would earn in 20 years, it is claimed.

The 20 clubs in England’s top football tier raked in a combined turnover of £3.6billion last season.

Pressure group ­Citizens UK gave examples of the “grotesque inequality”, citing the reported £290,000 a week that Manchester United striker Paul Pogba earns.

It then produced an advert for kitchen staff at Old Trafford on £7.05 an hour, the minimum wage for workers aged 21 to 24.

The group wants Premier League clubs to pay the “real” Living Wage of £8.45 an hour, or £9.75 in London

Kitchen staff at Old Trafford earn as little as £7.05 an hour


Only Chelsea and Everton are accredited with the Living Wage Foundation, which runs the scheme. This means all their third party firms must also commit.

However, the operator of West Ham’s stadium has pledged to join and Tottenham Hotspur says it will also do so at its new stadium.

Other clubs pay the wage but do not insist that contractors do.

Manchester United said: “We’ve many variations of contracts.”



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