Six things Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has banned at Etihad


Gone are the days Manchester City players used to carry sausages and Eggs in the car on their way to training.

Pep Guardiola has banned breakfast for the City players as he orders everybody around the table just like the good old-fashioned family gathering where the father controlled what everyone was eating.

Fear not City players, your boss has not put the brakes on your sex lives entirely. He simply insists that you do it before midnight.

Guardiola has banned late-night romps for Manchester City players and he insists this will increase their concentration in the pitch.


It has been a great year for pizza – the unsung hero in Leicester’s historic romp to the Premier League title last season.

But Guardiola does not subscribe to Foxes boss Claudio Ranieri’s view that Italy’s tastiest treat can be used as a motivational tool.

Prior to Pep’s arrival, post-match pizza deliveries to the home dressing room had become common place.

But now they can be seen emerging after games with cups of nuts which apparently help to restore energy.


Continuing the diet theme, due to its high sugar content, all fruit juices have been banished at City.

Pep prefers his players to eat fresh fruit in order to get their five a day.


Reportedly sick of seeing his players with their heads buried in their phones, Pep has ordered them to talk to each other.

Mobiles have now been banned from the training ground in a bid to encourage human interaction.

RUMOURS are also circulating that the Manchester City boss has put a ban on any “daft” haircuts at the Etihad.





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