Ways to improve your child’s grades

“Mummy, we are not going for holiday study,” Janice told her mother at the beginning of her school holiday. This is because the ministry of Education issued a directive that saw most schools keep closed during second term holidays.

Janice’s grades were bad compared to the previous terms and she had told her mother that extra study would help her get better for third term, so that she could get promoted to Senior Three.
The mother looked disappointed and baffled as she scratched her head for solutions.You could be like Janice’s mother and all you hunger for are good grades. Some teachers and parents share how to help your child bring a better report card home.

Give them reading materials
Jacob Katumusiime, a teacher at Hanna Mixed School, Mpigi notes that people who are exposed to functional school items grow to love the subjects associated with them.
“Buy for your child a mathematical set, even if they do not know how to use it, this will prompt them to question themselves on its use and they will endeavour to use it,” says Teacher Katumusiime. This will in a way draw a child’s attention towards loving mathematics.

Get involved in their studies
Katumusiime says some parents stop at dropping off their children at school but never engage with their teachers which is inappropriate.
“You have to actively help the child with their schoolwaork and in the process, meet with their teachers, befriend them and discuss on how to make the child improve,” he says
To him, this will motivate a teacher the urge to help your child even more.

Establish the cause
It is important to identify the cause of poor performance. Could it be stress at home, at school or natural awareness. Margaret Tumusiime, a counselling physiologist, says every child is capable of excelling as long as you befriend them to establish what bothers him. “From there you will forge a way forward on how to improve their grades.”

Be positive with them
Sharon Gimono, a mother says complimenting your child encourages them to work harder.
“For example, when my son has not done well, we talk about it and when he is setting off for school, I tell him, you can make it, you still have a chance to do better, and I know you are better than this,” This makes a child feel that you believe in them and will work hard not to disappoint you,” Gimono explains.

Buy them the necessary materials
Patrick Akena, a guardian, notes that children perform better when they are provided with necessary materials.
“Of course, parents might not necessarily buy every course book but ensure most of the basics a child has to use at school are available,” says Akena. When you buy these materials, the child’s part is to ensure they put them to good use.

Know their peers
Do not come off as a rude parent but knowing your child’s associates make life easier.
Patricia Kamaherere, has a daughter at one of the top secondary schools in Kampala. “My girl is in Senior Two but every visiting Sunday, I ensure to see her friends and she takes time to explain what each of them does for her. The term she did not perform well, her friends were the type that worries more about snacks and pocket money instead of classwork,” Kamaherere recounts. She sat the groupmates down and politely asked them to also befriend the best performers in their class. “Last term my daughter had improved by remarkable strides and had cut on the frequent calls for snacks and money.

Feed them well
Katumusiime notes that good feeding is a catalyst to good performance as it makes the brain function well.
“Parents should feed their children on body building foods, give them plenty of water and fruits and foods that boost their brain growth,” he adds.

Punishment is not an end
Tumusime notes that punishing a child is never the solution to their poor grades as it makes them hate school and studying more.
“Psychologically, a person resists something forced onto them. When a parent uses force, the child will deliberately refuse to read hence continuous poor performance,” she adds.
Armed with these tips, you can help your child for better grades.

Provide them extra books
Show them there is life after books by taking them out
Make sure they have lunch
Pray for them because wisdom comes from God.




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