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Why kids from privileged families deviate


Just how do children from well off families engaged in stuff common among under privileged lower working classes?

You must know a Bishops son went on to become an incorrigible alcoholic or a professor’s daughter who did not sit her final exams and chose, instead, to do manual work away from books.

Then of course, you must heard of the politician’s children who are costing the parents grief and denting their bank account from the drug rehab.

Well, according to Susan Wachira, a psychologist, kids from well off families might deviate from expected norms if “the parent raised the child with all privileges by giving them a comfortable life but when they get older the parent leave them to learn how to fend for themselves.”

Wachira explains that such children, having been provided for, might not know how to become hustlers and hence might take the easy way out.

“Another reason is when the when you raise a child with high expectations,” offers Wachira and “The parent does not consult with the child about what he/she wants and instead force them to do what they want. In some instances the child will rebel and do what will disappoint the parents.”

Wachira also reckons that if the child suffered a psychological and physical abuse while growing up “they may feel worthless” while “peer pressure is also a major factor as when their friends seem to have a good lifestyle with money and she also does it.”

Wachira goes on to further argue that children rebelling also boils down to parenting as when the parent has money “but if you are not involved in raising your children they will have problems. When a parent is arrogant and makes the children feel they can never reach to the parent’s standards children rebel.”

Wachira concludes by saying that parental favoritism is another factor as when one child feel unloved they can rebel while “late parenting also matters when the parents were relaxed and later they realised they need to discipline the child but now it is too late the child will rebel.”






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