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You’ll not deprive yourself of sleep after reading this

Sleep is seen by a lot of folks as a waste of ‘precious’ time that could be invested into making money. And that’s exactly the problem of some of us humans — money, wealth, riches, and more of them.

We are willing to sleep less if it means getting richer, but this mentality is a result of nothing but ignorance. People who do not sleep as much as they should don’t know the importance of sufficient sleep and rest.

Sleeping for the prescribed 7 to 8 hours a night isn’t a waste of time, but a way of keeping your system running the right way. Sleep is designed to allow you rest after the stress of the day. When you don’t allow your body get that, you threaten its smooth running.

In a recent study, experts warn that skipping sleep impairs your brain function across the board. It slows your ability to process information and problem- solve, kills your creativity, and catapults your stress levels and emotional reactivity.

In a similar report from the University of Rochester, the importance of getting sufficient sleep is highlighted; it says that when you sleep, your brain goes to work, removing toxin proteins from its neurons that are by-products of neural activity when you are awake. Now, your brain can only remove them adequately only while you are asleep. So when you don’t get enough sleep, the toxic proteins remain in your brain cells wreaking havoc by impairing your ability to think.

Perhaps, the reason a lot of people don’t yet understand the weight of the problems that could be faced from sleeplessness is because sometimes, the symptoms do not immediately manifest themselves. In some instances, they show quickly enough, but other times, they take a while.

Either way, the dangers of not sleeping enough cannot be overlooked. If you’ve not been getting enough of it, you should have a rethink.


Source: elcrema.com

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