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11 Tips for real life improvement


The purpose of living is to continuously go higher, and reach set goals and objectives. A human who fails to achieve something of a number of things until his passing is a failure. You must impact your world positively; that is your purpose.

Of course it’s easier said than done, but knowing that one can do anything they set their mind to do makes it easier. To be able to reach the top, you must be better everyday than you were yesterday. The better you get, the stronger your chances of reaching your goals.

I have some life improvement and development tips for you. Just read and imbibe.

1. Live for today…and tomorrow. Yesterday is in the past. Whatever happened there should remain there too. You must not allow yourself be held back by them. Even if you once were ‘the man’, you must forget that if you want to keep moving forward.

Just because they say ‘tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it’, doesn’t mean you should forget the moment you’re living in. Thinking about tomorrow too much can make you forget the present, and without today there’s no tomorrow.

2. Meet new people and build connections. If you work from home, it’s easy to become isolated and disconnected from the rest of the world as you rarely step out. However, you should make it a point to step out every now and then to meet new people. That’s how you build connections. You need those to grow.

3. Keep positive company. You’re the company you keep; you’re the friends you have in your life. This is because they can influence you and direct the course of your life. Know the type of people you need in your life, the ones that add positive value, and make you better, and cut off the rest.

4. Keep necessary accessory. Sometimes, we carry around stuff that we don’t really need for years, thereby spiritually blocking the way for more blessings. Every now and then, do a check of things you own. Sought them, and keep only the important ones.

5. Play with your apartment. Some people are so stuck in one place, their house look the same way for years. Same furniture, same design, same arrangements. I’m not saying you must change every single furniture you have even if you’re not financially stable enough to, I’m just saying you can still give it a fresh look now and then by changing the position and arrangement style of stuff you have in there.

6. Be kind, Give. You don’t always need money to be kind to those around you. Look around, find something someone around you needs, and provide or assist with its provision somehow. You probably don’t know, but the saying, ‘blessed is the hand that gives than the one that takes’, is real.

7. Learn something every day. Thank God for the internet, there’s nothing you can’t get online. Look for information online, feed your mind with it, and learn new things every day. No knowledge is wasted, so open up yourself to the possibility of growing, so you keep doing so.

8. Exercise. Exercising isn’t just a way to build muscles and stay healthy, they’re also important for clearing your head, and maintaining focus.

9. Be open to criticism. Sometimes they’ll hit you hard, but the truth is, if you look closely, there’s always something to take away from them. Take that important message embedded in all the ‘hate’. It helps you recreate yourself, and be better.

10. Set goal you can achieve. If you have no target in your life, it means you’re just existing, and not living. Living people have purpose. You must make yourself one. Create a target you can work towards, and go hard to achieve it. Do not create a target you know you’ll have a hard time achieving. You’re a human being, not God.

11. Do not procrastinate. People who procrastinate never achieve. This is because they always leave it for tomorrow, and like they say, ‘tomorrow never fires’. Opportunities will escape you when you keep postponing stuff you should do today.





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