3 ways to become rich

Money and power are some of the many spices of life. Everyone craves them, but not everyone has them. To be rich, you must think differently from the regular person. The difference between the rich and the poor isn’t in their locations or their family lineages; it’s in the way they think.

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you, 3 kinds of mindsets the rich man has. Read on, and apply them if you desire a change in your finances.


Investment in self, according to Warren Buffett, is the best type of investment. Unlike the average man who wants to invest in materialism and fashion, rich people like Bill Gates and Aliko Dangote invest in their mind. They pay for and attend as many seminars as possible because they know they’ll gain proper Knowledge that will help their growth and course from there. Rich people spend their money on books and literature that pertains to their chosen fields, and not in frivolities. There’s nothing wrong with being fashionable, but that shouldn’t be at the expense of the enrichment of your mind. Life is economics, and economics encourages the arrangement of needs in their ideal order. If you’re looking to be a successful lawyer, and you don’t invest towards it, how do you suppose you’ll get there?


People who want to be rich do not only focus on spending money; instead, they focus on doing things that would bring them more profits. While the average person is looking to go pick up a few new items, a person who understands how wealth works is searching out investment opportunities, and putting in as much as he can to make the most of it. A person with a rich man’s mentality removes certain amounts of money from his monthly income, and reinvest it so he earns more.


Rich people understand how genuine investment opportunities work. They know they don’t always yield desired results immediately as everything they do is geared towards the next 5 or 10 years.

While the average person is trying to get return on their investment immediately, the rich is patient, and they do all they can to see out their plans.


By Elcrema

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